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Santos of Santos Integrated FitnessI'm Santos Frias - Santos Integrated Fitness is a culmination of years of life experiences.

I began practicing and teaching martial arts at 14. I focused my training in Karate, Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing but have tried many martial arts forms, including Tai Chi! I've earned a 2nd degree black belt in Karate and a black belt in Iaido (Japanese Swordsmanship).

My fitness journey began when I saw a picture of myself and saw a person who weighed 205 pounds...I almost didn't recognize myself - it was as if I was looking at someone else. That's when I decided it was time for a change and made health and fitness a top priority in my life.

Even though I was active practicing martial arts and had proper training in strength and conditioning, I didn't have an understanding of weight management and body sculpting. So I started researching cardiovascular exercise and weightlifting. In the process of learning a lot about fitness, and after hard work and dedication I lost 50 pounds and got my body fat to 6%. 

With my new found passion for fitness, and my background in teaching people martial arts, personal training became an obvious path. So I got my personal training certification from NASM (National Academy of Sports and Science), giving me a science-based foundation to my fitness programs. I also became certified under NESTA (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association). 

By integrating my personal and professional experience with fitness, I am able to educate and train my clients to reach their fitness goals safely and quickly. Since many people begin a fitness program because of health or injury issues, I wanted to expand my expertise in order to offer more to my clients. With an NASM certification, I became a Corrective Exercise Specialist. 

With over 2,000 training sessions in a corporate gym I became a master trainer giving me a wealth of experience. Because I was able to deliver results to my clients, I earned a prestigious Life Changer Award for 2011, making me one of Pasadena's top trainers.
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At this point in my fitness career, I felt that I outgrew the corporate gyms environment and constraints. I knew I would be able to offer better services and results to my clients with my own personalized Integrated Fitness Programs.

My fitness journey has been one that has changed me from the inside out. It also gave me the opportunity to improve the quality of the lives of others through fitness. Helping people change their lives is one of the greatest rewards of this career.

Let your fitness journey begin today and start improving your quality of life now! 

Call me to talk about your goals and set up a session to reach them!

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My Certifications
I firmly believe that in order to offer my clients the best training sessions and to keep them up-to-date with the most current fitness information, I need to stay ahead with my own knowledge and expertise. I am continually seeking further educational opportunities, classes and programs. My certifications are just the beginning of the expertise I have in exercise, fitness and nutrition.

My current certifications include:

The National Academy of Sports Medicine has been the fitness industry leader and many personal trainers receive their certifications through NASM. Their Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) program is the first science-based training system in the industry. It is recognized as the foundational certification trainers have as a credible personal trainer and fitness professionals and is continually setting industry standards. 

I believe in this system of fitness and training because it is a truly comprehensive system that incorporates human movement science, functional anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. Having knowledge in these arenas gives me the ability to give my clients a total body fitness and functional assessment. I'm able to design a training program that suits my clients' level of fitness and actual functionality, minimizing risk of industry and maximizing performance and fitness results. My fitness programs integrate the NASM's six components of training: flexibility, cardiorespiratory, core, balance, power and strength. Through this method, clients can reduce body fat while increasing muscle mass, flexibility and improve their quality of life.

My training also includes certifications as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist

Corrective Exercise is a functional movement specialization. I can recognize compensations and movement patterns that need correction in order to improve training and movement efficiency. I develop all of my training programs with a focus on injury prevention with correct form and body positioning, as well as develop programs that recondition and rehabilitate at any fitness level.

Performance Enhancement specialization allows me to work with people of all levels of fitness - the occasional gym-goer, the weekend warrior to competitive athletes of all ages. Performance Enhancement combines sports assessments with specific exercises that allow people to perform at their peak. This certification gives me awesome tools and expertise to increase and improve performance, whether it's sports, martial arts or training programs for professions that require a high level of fitness, such as firefighters and law enforcement special unit teams.

National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association is an international fitness organization and is a member of several governing boards for personal trainer accreditation and certifications. NESTA's program is also an integrated, full body training program giving me expertise in exercise physiology, functional anatomy, biomechanics, nutrition, injury prevention and kinesiology. The NESTA certification is an important part of my fitness training program in that I have the tools necessary to train athletes and special fitness populations safely and effectively. 

...Stay tuned...this is not the end of my story! Come back and learn how I worked to improve my OWN quality of life though fitness!

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