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Santos Integrated Fitness  626 941-4905  Personal Training
Santos Integrated Fitness is not just a fitness program, it's a personal fitness program. I focus on YOU - your goals, your journey and your achievements. Every client's program is individual and specific to them, their fitness level and their lifestyle. I incorporate corrective training to address any compensation or other health issue such as injuries, past or recent. By working closely as a team, we achieve great results.

Santos Integrated Fitness  626 941-4905  Personal Training

I want to introduce you to some of my clients who, through their own hard work and determination, have reached their goals with me - and gone beyond.

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I have been training with Santos for almost two years. For the last ten years I also trained off and on with other trainers.
Santos has taken me to a level that I always wanted but could never seem to achieve.  He's designed a workout program consisting of diet and exercise specifically for me.  He takes a personal interest in your goals,  struggles, and yes, your successes!!!
In the first six months of training with Santos I lost twelve pounds. Miraculously it seemed to be  all in the  waist which had been my big problem area. I wasn't the first to notice the difference - my masseur actually was. When I went to my masseur, who happens to be a previous trainer of mine, he couldn't stop talking about my abs YES MY ABS! His words were "look at the abs on you!" He couldn't seem to stop talking about them asking about my fitness program design, my nutrition etc. That's when I really started to take notice of how my whole body was transforming into the shape I always wanted to be in thanks to Santos.  
Of all the positive things I could say about Santos, I would have to say his ability to “motivate” you is incredible. 
The amazing results I have achieved with Santos has also changed other aspects of my life dramatically.
 All for the good, thanks, Santos.

I'm  66 years old.  I started training with Santos in April 2013.  A friend introduced Santos to me and I was impressed on the very first day.
He has designed a plan of exercise, weights and nutrition with exactly what I wanted.  I think Santos is very knowledgeable and brings this to all my sessions. He explains each exercise and the benefits it has toward accomplishing my goals. He advises me on the nutritional values of eating properly for muscle development. Santos also puts an emphasis on stretching before I begin my work outs and cardio as an added bonus.
Santos has a great personality and has the patience to ensure that I get what I am there for, a better and heather life style.  Thank you, Santos!


Santos has been my personal trainer for a little over 2 years and not only have I improved my fitness level, but I've learned so much from him in this short time.

My fitness goals were to reduce body fat and increase tone and definition. I wanted to see my abs and have "athletically" toned arms. Santos expertly tailored workout routines and changed them up every couple of months. He worked in 2 days of interval training instead of the dull cardio workouts I had been doing. and I've learned to do different ab exercises correctly so that I work the target muscles. 

So, in two years (about 2 days per week), although there's still room to improve, I've reached my goals: I am about the same weight but my clothes are a size smaller than 2 years ago, I can see my abs and my arms are much more toned than before! I've also increased my strength and cardio endurance!

One of the the qualities in Santos's training that makes him stand out is that he is very strict about good form. Not only to prevent injury, but to make sure you isolate and work the correct muscle/muscle group. While the workouts themselves may focus on one body part, Santos's approach is holistic; he encourages proper dynamic warm up as well as static cool down and there is usually some ab work to warm up as well. Santos also has a great understanding of nutrition, which is so important in sustaining the workout and recovery afterward...and decreasing body fat!

The other aspect that is difficult to find is a trainer who is able to work with and help you overcome an injury. I've had some trouble areas but Santos gave me specific exercise routines for the specific area and I've been able to keep working out. At one point, I was not able to do push ups because of injury and I can do them again!

I would be surprised to find another trainer who is as thorough and knowledgeable about fitness as Santo is...he challenges you, motivates you, and teaches you why you're doing what you're doing.

motivation from Santos Integrated Fitness ~  626 941-4905

More clients have great things to say about Santos Integrated Fitness...come back soon to read about how they've improved their lives, become fit and healthy and reached their fitness goals!

Begin your fitness journey begin today and start improving your quality of life now! 

Call me, Santos Frias, to talk about your goals and set up a session to reach them!

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